Admission Details

Admission Policies:
Admissions are open to all, subject to availability of seats and students' eligibility. Our starting class is Nursery. For other classes, students, whose parents coming on transfer from other places, may apply in the 1st week of June. Preference is given to students who are coming from those schools which are affiliated with the CBSE.
Admission in Nursery
- Application forms will be issued on 2nd & 3rd Jan, from 8.30 - 11.30 p.m. on payment of Rs. 500/- (non-refundable) from the payment office.
- Original Birth Certificate from the Municipality or Panchayat should be produced to procure the application form. No other type of Birth Certificate shall be accepted.
- Children between 3 and 3½ years as on 1st of July are eligible to apply for admission to Nursery.
- Application form should be filled in by parents in the school itself. A passport size photograph should be affixed on the application form. Forms taken out of the school premises will not be accepted.
- Same day the parents accompanied by their wards, shall submit the form.
- Registration does not guarantee admission. Selection will be done by a competent panel which will assess the students' background and general aptitude for learning as well as their parents' competence to provide a conducive atmosphere for good education.
The School does not provide text books and stationery. A list of prescribed text books and other stationery articles will be uploaded on the school website and also displayed on the Notice Board. Parents have to procure them from the market.
1. For any kind of certificate from the school, there should be a written application from the parents /students addressed to the Principal/Headmistress.
2. Application for Railway concession forms should be submitted two days before it is required.
3. For the attestation of various forms, certificates etc. the students shall submit them along with the originals to the office staff who will verify the same and get the needful done.

School Fee Structure - 2021

Head Amount
Registration Fees [includes Prospectus
and entrance test where applicable]
 : 500.00
Admission Fees [ for new admissions only]:5000.00
Re- admission Fees [where applicable]  :500.00
Caution money: Class I and All new admissions
[Refundable at the time of T.C]
1st Installment
II to VII Installment
 Nursery & KG:11720.005150.0039530.00
KG 1 & II   :6300.006050.0038970.00
1 - V :6540.006250.0040290.00
PCM +Hindi/PE:7300.007250.0047530.00
PCM +Hindi/PE/+IT:7560.007450.0048900.00
PCB +PE/Hindi:7560.007450.0048900.00
Commerce + PE/ Maths/ Hindi/
A. Maths
Commerce+ CS/IT7560.007450.0052260.00
The fees is payable in Seven installments as per the dates given below:
1st Installment : on or before 5th July 2020
2nd Installment : on or before 5th August 2020
3rd Installment : on or before 5th September 2020
4th Installment :on or before 5th October 2020
5th Installment :on or before 5th November 2020
6th Installment :on or before 5th December 2020 
7th Instalment:on or before 5th January 2021 
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Fees Rules:
(I). St.Paul Hr.Sec.School,Indore has partnered with FEDERAL BANK for Payment of Fees.
The school is providing the following modes for fee payment.
• BHIM LOTZA UPI PAYMENT APP(any bank customers)
• Cheque Payment
BHIM LOTZA UPI PAYMENTS APP (any bank customers)
Here parents can pay the fees from their accounts maintained with any of the Public Sector/ Scheduled Commercial Banks without any charges. 
How to make Payment through LOTZA
• Download & Install the App from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store
• Complete Your Profile and link your Bank Account
• Select School Fee, choose the school name, enter the student’s Admission/Scholar number and the fee applicable will be listed in the screen (School Name- St.Paul Hr.Sec.School,Indore)
• Select the fee to be paid and complete the payment
• Provide your UPI PIN to authorize the transaction. If you don’t have a pin you may create a pin instantly.
NOTE: If you are using any of the UPI app (BHIM, BHIM SBI pay, immobile.... any bank UPI mobile app) you can make the payment without any incurring charges. By giving the UPI virtual ID while making the payment (for e.g.. a BHIM user the virtual id will be “7894561233@upi”). You can approve the transaction by entering the respective app’s pin in the
(ii). Cheque Payment can be done in favor of St.Paul Hr.Sec.School,Indore
Fees Refund:
In normal cases, the fees paid will not be refunded after the completion of admission formalities. 
Other Charges:
1. Certificates (T.C., DOB Certificate, Conduct Certificate, Bona Fide Certificate, Schooling Certificate etc.) : 100.00
2. Duplicate T.C. : 200.00
3. Duplicate Handbook : 100.00
4. Duplicate Rep. Card : 100.00
5. Re-checking charge Annual Exam (per paper) : 50.00
6. Compartmental Exam fees (per paper) : 100.00

Subject Selection Criteria

Admission / Subject Selection in Class XI
Admission to the Senior Secondary Section is primarily reserved to our own students. The school offers the following subjects and combinations :
- English
- Mathematics
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Computer Science/ Hindi /Physical Education
- English
- Biology
- Physics
- Chemistry
- Hindi / Physical Education
- English
- Business Studies
- Accountancy.
- Economics
- Hindi / Mathematics / Physical Education
As the seats are limited, all the students cannot be admitted to the above groups. Therefore, the criteria for selection and admission will be as follow:
- The school will prepare a merit list, based on the student's performance in class X.
- Students will be called (along with their parents), for a counselling.
- A student may get the group of his choice, subject to his performance and availability of seats.

School Uniform

It is compulsory for the students to wear the following school uniform on all class days, examination days and at all school functions:
1. Shirt (light cream) to be tucked into trousers (chocolate brown).
2. Tie (chocolate brown) to be worn from Class VI onwards. For Classes XI & XII, the tie which has a different design (Kindly see the specimen displayed on the Notice Board) will be used.
3. School belt designed and approved by the school is compulsory for all Classes.
4. Plain black shoes with laces and plain dark brown nylon socks are to be worn every day except on Saturday and P.T. days.
5. Sikh Students should use maroon mini turban (dasta or patka).
GIRLS: (Class I and above)
1. Light Cream shirt and maroon tunic with cream strip design and maroon shorts.
2. Plain black shoes with laces and plain dark brown nylon socks are to be worn every day except on Saturdays and P.T. days.
3. School belt designed and approved by the school is compulsory for all classes.
GAMES (Class VI to X)
1. Black lowers with white two strips in both sides, Black shorts plain.
2. House T-Shirts.
3. White sports shoes plain.
Cloth Specifications:
Trouser/Tie Number: NISSON 9999
Saturdays and P.T. Days:
On Saturday, the regular shirts are to be replaced by T-shirts of respective House and the trousers and socks will be changed to white. Similarly, in place of black shoes, white synthetic/canvas shoes. For inter-house events, shorts and House T-shirts are compulsory. The school mono shall be imprinted on the T-shirts. White belt approved by the school.
On Saturdays the regular shirt and tunic is replaced by T-shirts of respective Houses and white skirt & white shorts. Socks will be changed in to white with white synthetic/ canvas shoes. For inter house events, house dress is compulsory. The school mono shall be imprinted on the T-shirts. White belt approved by the school.
P.E. Students (XI & XII):
 T-shirts, Shorts and Tracks Suit designed and approved by the school are compulsory for students who opt for students who opt for P.E. in the Higher Secondary Classes.
Winter Season: Boys/Girls
1. Up to class VIII, plain V-necked sweaters (long-sleeved or sleeveless) in maroon colour to be worn over the shirt.
2. Teri-wool blazer in maroon colour is also permitted.
3. For classes IX to XII blazer in maroon color is compulsory. The school mono should be imprinted over the pocket.

K.G. I & II:

Blue check shirt with plain blue bow, plain blue shorts, blue socks and black shoes with laces.
Winter: Plain blue long pants, blue sweater and blue cap.
On Saturday: White shorts & T-shirt (specially designed) with white shoes and socks.
Photographs of specimen uniforms are uploaded on the school website.
Blue check frock with plain blue design, blue shorts, blue socks and black shoes with laces
Winter: Blue sweater with blue slack.
On Saturdays: Girls white skirt with plain blue design, white shorts and white T-shirt with blue design. White shoes with white socks.

Boys: Pink trouser and pink check shirt with plain pink design, pink bow, light pink socks and black shoes.
Girls: Pink check frock with plain pink design, light pink socks and pink shoes..
Winter: Girls: Pink Sweater with pink slack and pink cap
Boys: Pink Sweater and pink Cap.

Examinations & Promotions

Examination and Promotion
The Final Assessment of student for promotion shall be decided on his Annual Record based on marks as given below:
H.S.S. Tests = 20 Marks
    Quarterly = 30 Marks
 Half Yearly = 50 Marks
       Annual = 100 Marks
           Total = 200 Marks
Primary & Secondary
Periodic Test = 10 Marks
Notebook Submission = 05 Marks
Subject enrichment artivits = 05 Marks
Annual Examination = 80 Marks
                             Total =100 Marks
Grading: (on a 9 point scale)
According to a student’s performance, he will be awarded grades and grade points in the following manner:
Grade Marks Grade Point
A1 - 91-100 10
A2 - 81-90 9
B1 - 71-80 8
B2 - 61-70 7
C1 - 51-60 6
C2 - 41-50 5
D - 33-40 4
E1 - 21-32 -
E2 - 20 & Below -
Promotion Rules
1. Marks & Grade will be awarded for individual subject.
2. Student has to secure 33% marks out of 80 marks in each subject in annual examination and 33% marks out of overall 20 marks earmarked in each subject in internal assessment.
3. Apart from the scholastic areas, the students will be assessed in various co-scholastic areas as well.
4. A chance for Compartmental (Supplementary) examination will be granted only to those students who pass in every subject except one.
5. Lower classes may be given this chance in more than one subject.
6. For subject having Practicals, passing in both Theory and Practicals is compulsory.
7. 80% attendance is compulsory for promotion.
8. All cases of doubt regarding promotions are left t the decision of the Principal/Headmistress.
1. A Duly signed Admission Card should be obtained by every student well in advance and brought along every day for the examination.
2. The Admission Card should be signed by each subject Teacher, Treasurer, Librarian, Class Teacher and principal/Headmistress.
3. No student may absent himself/herself from any examination/test except when prevented by reason of ill health in which case a medical certificate shall be produced along with a separate application from the parents.
4. Absence from test and examination shall be entirely the responsibility of the students and parents. No re-test or re-examination will be taken.
5. Any student found cheating or attempting to cheat in an examination will be given a Zero in the paper and /or any other punishment, even dismissal, at the discretion of the management. Any kind of talking, making sign, changing seats, use of any chits or possession of text book, copies, mobile phones etc. will be treated as attempting to cheat.
6. Willful breach of any of the regulations for the conduct of examination is punishable with expulsion from the examination room.
7. Calculators are not allowed in Examination. Students can use Logarithm Tables provided by the school.

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